The TECHNOCAN produces metal and plastic containers are intended for the packaging of a variety of products such as olive oil, food, paint, chemical, aerosol, and decorative items.

The company ΤΕΧΝΟΚΑΝ A.E. driven by the responsibility to the employees, partners, customers, but, above all, of society as a whole, is taken from the first moment all the necessary measures of protection and precaution from the κορωνοϊό.

The Company progressed from the first moment to the creation Response Team Crisis with the participation of the occupational Physician and foreign medical partner.

In particular, the Company took the following actions:

Employee information by the Doctor Working on the κορωνοϊό, the way of transmission, prevention and protection measures. It was also to provide recommendations and guidance on personal hygiene.

Daily temperature measurement at the entrance gates of the company, all employees, staff and visitors.

Cooperation with diagnostic centre which is responsible for the conduct of tests κορωνοϊου at a rate of 20% of the employees of the company per week. The tests are carried out on a sample basis to all staff in order to ensure the protection of workers of each department of the company.

Hanging at the entrance and exit of the premises of the Company, but also in the apparent positions of the common areas of information material for the protection of the κορωνοϊό, in accordance with the recommendations of the National Agency for Public Health (PHEA).

Placement of antiseptic solutions at the entrances and exits of the premises, the common areas and in jobs.

Providing workers with personal protective equipment PPE (masks multi-purpose, masks, single-use, disposable gloves, etc.)

Continuous and extensive cleaning toilets and public areas as well as professional disinfection of places of production and labour.

Use of special panels separation of the offices to prevent transmission of the κορωνοϊού.

Application of remote employment for those workers who are technically feasible, with the aim of avoiding συγχρωτισμού the workplace.

Licensing of special purpose in those workers who have submitted a request, and meet the conditions laid down by Law.

Stop visits to customers or partners, and replacing these with a conference call for as long as necessary.

The ΤΕΧΝΟΚΑΝ SA thank you very much for your cooperation and we assure you that every effort will be made to maintain the integrity of the high level of service it provides.

Product categories

Olive oil

Suitable containers for olive oil


Cheese containers


Metal containers suitable
for food.


Construction tins cans, such as: Cosmetics, Domestic Use, Industrial, Car.


Containers suitable for industrial uses


Decorative containers of different uses, such as stools, garbage cans, pencil holders, piggy banks, etc.


Plastic containers suitable for food and industrial products.


Prints tins sheet